Operator Assisted Conference Calls

For more high-profile or larger teleconferences we highly recommend adding operator assistance.  The addition of an operator will provide the speaker(s) with the opportunity to concentrate on the flow and topic of the call and leave the overall management of the conference to an operator. Advance reservations are required for this type of call. This service offers an entire suite of included features and optional services. The call typically starts with participants dialing in and/or conference operators dialing out to each participant. From there, the call will take the direction you request. The most popular format includes the following optional features performed by our operators:

  • Pre Conference with speakers
  • Introduction of speakers into the call
  • Muting of call participant lines
  • Digital recording of the call
  • Call monitoring to ensure best overall call and line quality
  • Moderation of question and answer session (Q&A)
  • Polling
  • Caller ID report

Immediately after your call, we will provide you with a participant report with a listing of all callers. We will also send you a recording of the call. For clarifications on services mentioned above or for specific rates, please contact your Account Manager at 1-877-227-0611, Customer Service at 1-877-227-0611, ext. 3 or email at customerservice@conferencecallsunlimited.com