Phone Conferencing Wireless-Is it Safe?

Is wireless phone conferencing safe? It’s a legitimate question because phone conferencing users generally stay on the phone for periods ranging from 30 minutes to two hours. This exposes the average cell phone conferencer  longer  to radio frequency energy (RF). This according to some sources may result in an increased chance of brain cancer. The FCC and FDA take the position that wireless i.e. cell phone usage is a safe activity based on current research studies. However, the FCC also advise that if you wish to reduce your exposure that you take the following measures:

If you must conduct extended conversations by wireless phone every day, you could place more distance between your body and the source of the RF.  The exposure level drops off dramatically with distance. For example, you could use a headset and carry the wireless phone away from your body or use a wireless phone connected to a remote antenna.

The Pre-Cautionary Principle While current scientific evidence may not provide a definitive answer to the safety of long term/high exposure to RF, some cancer researchers like Dr. Ronald Heberman at the University of Pittsburg has issued a pre-cautionary advisory to its 3000 students and faculty to keep the wireless phone a way from the head and the body.  Also an earphone may be substituted. Earphones reduce exposure but not totally. Dr. Heberman reflected on his advisory in this way:

Recalling the 70 years that it took to remove lead from paint and gasoline and the 50 years that it took to convincingly establish the link between smoking and lung cancer, I argue that we must learn from our past to do a better job of interpreting evidence of potential risk. In failing to act quickly, we subject ourselves, our children and our grandchildren to the possibility of grave harm and to living with the knowledge that with more rapid action.that harm could have been averted.

Steve-HeatonAbout the Author: Steve Heaton is the Founder and President of Conference Calls Unlimited. Steve has been in the telecommunications industry since 1995.