Shawn Frey: My first conference call; overcoming extreme nervousness

In my last post (Shawn Frey Story) I gave you an eagles-eye view of the benefits that I and my employers received by my active facilitation of 80 plus conference calls. Basically, I told you about all the rewards and none of the negatives… which by the way is my personality, over-optimistic and as my wife say's, somewhat gullible. So, in her honor, I wanted to share with you my first conference call and how I avoided a teleconference train wreck! Our teleconference stage was set, the agenda's had gone out and it's 6AM Monday morning. Everyone's on the line… except my co-facilitator and sales trainer, Warren. I started to panic. 6:01, 6:02, 6:03… and NO Warren! What to do? What to say? I really had no clue… so I just started. I took a quick role call (7 callers) and then simply went with my gut and asked each participant what they hoped to get out of participating in our conference calls. The guys readily shared their stories of what each hoped to gain by getting up at 6AM twice a month to participate on the calls. I listened, I asked questions and I got a lot of clarity. Our 60-minute teleconference flew by and set the stage for what would begin a 4-year experiment and a journey I continue to this day. We ended our first call on high note with an inspirational quote by Penny Williams: The risk of insult is the price for clarity. Warren never did make it to our first call. He overslept. Turns out, Warren had never facilitated a call at 6AM. But it was all good. He was impressed at how I handled the situation, gave me kudos to the boss, bought me lunch that afternoon and co-facilitated the next several calls. 88 calls later, with the inaugural train wreck narrowly missed, I'm still Peer Teleconferencing for Fun and Profit. I look forward to each and every call I facilitate these days. I still get a little nervous but that's a good thing. It keeps me on my toes. It keeps my participants energized and keeps the calls moving in the right direction.

Shawn-Frey-ThumbnailAbout the Author: Shawn Frey has studied under several recognized professionals in the marketing field, including the late master sales trainer Warren Wechsler, author of the acclaimed book Total Selling, Roy H. Williams, NY Times Best Selling author of Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads., Steve Clark, Founder of New School Selling and John Jantz, Founder of Duct Tape Marketing and author of The Referral Engine. Shawn is an outside sales professional, conference call expert and founder of the No Nonsense Conference. You can read his full bio here. If you enjoyed this post you may like: Conference Calls; Effective in a Crunch How to Setup a conference call: Tips for Efficiency and Purposefulness