The Crux of Conference Call Security

What is the crux of conference call security? Conference hosts are often very cautious about who attend their calls. Through roll call, number counts, and conference locking our conference hosts can feel confident that only authorized participants are on the call. However…less thought and time is given to call recording security. The presenter may post the call recording on a password protected website, but the password holder can download the file or duplicate with a computer recording program. The potential exists for wider distribution of the call recording than intended.

Our Conference Call Services currently aim to provide solutions to plug that hole for our customers. This includes programs that recognize and block call recorders, password protected sites do not allow downloads and limits the number of times that anyone with that password can review the file and also can put time limits on the availability of the recording. Another potential security hole is the distribution of sensitive documents via email for a conference call or some other purpose. Recipients can forward these documents that may eventually end up in the wrong hands. To combat this we are working on a service that will limit distribution through: a) Viewing on SSL encrypted site with the option to limit the number of views of any one participant. b) If document is downloaded it will not forward to anyone else via email and the document cannot be printed. The level of security and length of availability will be in the hands of the document owner. Here are several points breaking down some points on conference call security. If you have any tips or suggestions please leave them in the comment section below. Happy conferencing!