Too Many Options! What next when you Google “Conference Call”

While free applications like Skype and Google mail (gmail) offer various voice and video options for multiple user communication, when it comes to conference calling in a business environment, we all know that one can rarely afford errors and bad connections. This finds Frank the Financer, Bill the Broker, and Cal the Car company owner looking for a quick and reliable phone and web conferencing company. When they turn to the obvious trusty search king, Google, they are attacked with hundreds of web sites and advertisements, offering every kind of service possible. While it all looks dreamy and affordable, there are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing a company that will be reliable, helpful, and meet all of your conferencing needs. At first glance all services seem to be the same; however, it is important to look for more specific services that companies will offer. Google can help you find your way, however here are a few ways to weed through the thirty thousand conference calling sites, and find a company that’s right for you!

Plans: Most companies offer a per-minute rate for your conference calling, and sometimes an unlimited monthly plan. It’s important to consider how much your company needs to conference call. Calculating the per-minute equivalent versus the monthly rate could be eye opening. Companies like Conference Calls Unlimited will do this calculation for you, finding the best price for your company.

Operator Assisted Calls: Not everyone needs these helpful little guys, but they sure are useful. If you need a conference call that is air tight security wise, efficient to the max, and devoid of technical errors, then invest in operator assistants for your conference calls. They greet users to a call, know and inform those who have arrived on the call, solve any technical errors, and oversee that everything as a whole goes smoothly.

What Kind of Call: It’s important to know if your conferencing service can offer more than just a basic conference call.

More specific options include: Audiocasting – A conference call over the Internet with audio through computer speakers. Webinars – A seminar service that is broadcast over the web to as many as one thousand participants through conference calls unlimited Webcasting – Using the internet to broadcast live or delayed audio and/or video transmissions, much like traditional television and radio broadcasts. So next time you’re out there wandering the web in confusion, remember these tips and you’ll find the right conferencing service for you and your company!