Twitter Rage 101

A certain micro-blogging website that sets smart limits for appealing usability has taken the social media scene by storm. It’s a world where tweets don’t come from just baby chicks, the one hundred forty character limit isn’t talking about the world’s longest play, and following someone doesn’t imply stalking (at least in the physical sense). Yes, if you haven’t figured it out by now, has risen as the elegant black horse to Facebook. With one hundred and ninety users tweeting an average of sixty million times per day, you could say twitter is pretty much all the rage. Alexa marks this site as the tenth most trafficked site in the world, and folks of all are finding very creative ways to stir the rage on twitter. However, like all things taken beyond moderation, twitter rage is both a blessing and a curse. For instance, online businesses have full permission to rage on twitter as much as they please. Social Media sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter are total hot spots for companies to advertise their products and services. Twitter is an even more concentrated environment, as the mini-blogs themselves act as promotions and advertisements. But, businessmen beware! It is said that social media advertising is like a cocktail party – you don’t just talk business. For every advertisement posted, there should be three offerings to your followers. Slice of life insight, a great promotion, even a nice quote. On the other hand, like some say, too much of anything is never good. When it comes to your average users Twitter addiction, the consequences can be serious. Twitter rage involves over-tweeting, becoming unnaturally angry at competitors tweets, and showing signs of with drawl when unable to tweet every hour on the hour. If you or anyone you know is exhibiting two or more of these symptoms, suggestions include therapy, walks in nature, and as a a last resort, deleting Twitter permanently. We hope this Twitter Rage 101 was helpful, and remember, use Twitter as your friend rather than your enemy. Happy Tweeting!