Meet, Present, & Educate with Adobe Connect

Need to meet up virtually and collaborate with a small group or a large company of employees? Or present to a large audience and grow your brand with webinars? How about give an interactive presentation to a group of learners? These are the kinds of tasks you can accomplish easily with the full-featured collaboration tools of Adobe Connect.

Learn more about these video conferencing solutions below.

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  • Meet and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere with a full-featured meeting platform.

  • Join In

    • Join from any device: desktop; tablet; iOS, Android, or Blackberry phone
    • Dial in or use your device’s speaker & microphone—we’ll help set you up
    • See other participants with clear, high-quality video feeds

    Speak Up

    • Share files, use whiteboard tools, & start polls—all within your meeting
    • Keep projects organized with a virtual office: shared notes, media, & materials all in one place

    Stand Out

    • Impress with meetings that are easy, efficient, & enjoyable
    • Record, edit, & replay your meetings using rich tools for editing & conversion
    • Keep a dedicated Adobe Connect URL—print it right on your business card

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  • Adobe Connect Webinars

    Deliver high-quality multimedia presentations to an audience and further promote your brand.

  • Give Better Presentations

    • Deliver your message with high-quality multimedia streaming
    • Engage your audience to participate with interactive tools
    • Easily control the environment of your event by adding, moving, or resizing areas for chat, file sharing, Q&A, & more
    • Allow for greater attendance from nearly any computer, phone, or tablet—with easy event entry & reminders

    Turn Your Audience into Customers

    • Get attention and drive registration with simple, customizable landing pages, sign-up forms, & marketing emails
    • Built-in analytics from Adobe SiteCatalyst allow you to track marketing campaigns & measure webinar engagement with rich visual data
    • Record webinars, refine and reuse templates, & prepare content to continue using webinars and gaining audiences

Need to reach an even bigger audience? Adobe Connect Webcast is an additional service that allows you to share high quality streaming video to thousands of people.

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  • Adobe Connect eLearning

    Educate students or train employees with interactive lessons, and easily track their progress.

  • Easy Mobile Learning

    • Host live or pre-recorded lessons with lectures & presentations
    • Up to 200 students can participate in highly interactive training from any device
    • Share media and course materials without learners having to download
    • Foster discussion & group work with breakout rooms, annotation, & markup tools

    Create & Track

    • Create curricula & materials to offer to learners in a fully customizable meeting room
    • Manage & track learners, enrollment, access, & participation
    • Gauge attentiveness & participation in real time during the lesson
    • Built-in tools for tracking progress can replace or work alongside an existing Learning Management System (LMS) or other third-party system

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