Webinar Pick of the Week: Thirteen Conversion Killers

Our Webinar Pick of the Week goes to Trada,  a paid search campaign firm.If you are involved in paid search on Google, Bing and Yahoo you want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck. Trada's informative webinar covers thirteen conversion killers to avoid. Two of their experts show the do it your selfer how to work smart in achieving the best results for those costly ad campaigns. Just as an example, our competitors pay out upwards to $30 per click for gold nugget keywords. With prices like that it is almost an obligation to buy from them! (But then again you would probably be as well or better served by going with Conference Calls Unlimited!) Here is some of the great advice from our Webinar of the Week on how to increase the power of your ad campaign:

  • Avoid directing ad to home page. A big mistake the paid ad crowd makes is to direct their carefully crafted ad to the home page. Trada recommends having a special landing page made with no links to other pages. Reason? When the prospect starts to click around they start going to other pages and may lose their focus to take up your call of action. The call to action should be plainly and clearly obvious on your non-linked page. You also want them to go to the page where the product your selling or the free download you are advertising is located.
  • Do not fight for first position. Of course a lot of us are very competitive and want to be first. But being first is not always the smartest course of action. When a prospect comes on to the search page they see that first position ad and may immediately go to it. And then horror of horrors leave that page and head straight for ad two, three or four… who paid less. They may get the job!
  • Running ads while on vacation is a recipe for disaster. Your ads can run while you are a way at the races. Yes, you  can continue to generate leads and sales, but sometimes things can go crazy. The ads aren’t working and you are not there to fine tune things. So you may not only lose money at the races but right on your Adwords account.

There are ten more tips in this informative webinar that can help you to fine tune and make your campaign a great one.