What Is Good PowerPoint Design?

PowerPoint presentations are a common use for our web conference services. Our service makes the slides easy to load, simple and fast to navigate and that helps you captivate your audience…if the PowerPoint presentation is good. What IS Good PowerPoint Design? Good question. We've found a resource that might help answer that question. Presentation Zen is Garr Reynolds blog on issues related to professional presentation design. After perusing his blog, I'm not sure there are any remaining issues. He defines, answers, clarifies or simply eliminates these issues. He does this with solutions…of his own and from others. What is Good PowerPoint Design was his post written 2 years ago. The points, the content, remain just as salient. Maybe, there's more urgency to his points if you've seen many PowerPoint presentations recently. And besides the post, he's linked to Good PowerPoint Design from speakers around the world. Check their slides. See if yours compare. We want your use of our web conference services to be successful. For us, that means making you the host, the presenter, shine and be the star.  We hope this resource helps.