WiFi on Airlines-Is it Right for You?

Just imagine flying at thirty five thousand feet and attending live webinars via wi-fi. Or emailing and instant messaging as the airplane drones across the cloudless August skies of mid-America. That time in the air could also be used to do some deep thinking, relaxing or just enjoying the luxury of being totally out of touch with the office–and yes, the ubiquitous always everywhere webinar events. You are on the company’s dime but no one can communicate with you. This is as good as it gets. If you elect to keep involved with the whole fire hose of information pouring from the web into your computer we can call this “reactionary work flow”. This means that instead of directing  time and energy to our own work flow priorities we are simply responding to whatever is coming our way. As author Scott Belsky points out: In an era of mobile devices, instant connectivity, and automated mailing lists and notifications, it is all too easy for people to contact us. As a consequence, we live our lives just trying to keep our heads above water. Our ability to prioritize and control our focus is crippled by an unyielding flow of incoming communication: email, texts, tweets, facebook messages, phone calls, and so on (and on). He maintains that highly creative and productive people block out time and impose upon themselves discipline and roadblocks to attending to emails, texting and other forms of communication. They distinguish between their communications and the stuff they really need to do–they become proactive in making the most productive use of their time. Mr. Belsky also advises to keep your action oriented priorities separate from emails and calendars. Use post-it notes, color pens and notebooks for actionable steps. I have personally found some of the simpler  Ipad tools like ibrainstorm and Sorted fun productivity tools for brainstoming and project management. There are also programs that give you insight to how much time your wasting on the internet side of things; this includes things like TimeTracker.