YouTube Video: What happens when you’re late for your conference call

This YouTube video, compliments of CourtTV and the Florida State Patrol, shows what happens when you're the host of an important conference call….and you're late…and you're caught speeding…on TV. As I'm watching the driver be pulled over, talk with the state trooper about her speeding, wait for him to print her ticket, etc, I noticed she has a cell phone… Cell phones are not ideal for use with conference calls. We don't encourage cell phone use on conference calls for all the requisite background noise from your surroundings, less than ideal connections and we DEFINITELY don't encourage you to use a cell phone while driving to join a conference call, much less driving on one of the most dangerous roads in America…speeding…and being the host fo your conference call…That's a recipe for disaster for at least your conference call. But…if for someone reason she couldn't be at the office by…10:30 AM!!!…she could pull over, stop the car and conduct the conference call, on time, settled, prepared and focused (at least to the listeners). Then resume her efforts to reach the office.